I’m a 32 year old male living in a downtown Memphis condominium. I enjoy writing, going to events around town, and weight lifting. I grew up in a small town called Corinth, Mississippi about 80 miles to the east of Memphis. Growing up, my family’s weekend activity was coming to Memphis where we’d shop, go to movies and museums, and generally enjoy the big city.

I worked in the family lumber business off and on since I was probably about 8 starting with filling the coke machine and ending with financial analysis and trucking compliance. I got my Bachelor’s in Economics at Washington and Lee University and followed that by two years of stock trading before the market collapsed.

I came back home and attended the University of Mississippi School of Law and then in 2006 started a solo law practice in Memphis. This was interesting and went well, but I was dissatisfied and got my real estate license in 2009. I’ve found real estate surprisingly similar to the practice of law with the exception of more people contact, less acrimony, and a much more generally hopefully and less desperate atmosphere.