Memphis Buyer’s Agent Services

For Memphis Homes Buyers, I offer a comprehensive home buying representation experience. I prefer to initially consult with clients at a convenient location like Starbucks to determine their Memphis real estate needs and expectations. I also work to connect them with an appropriate mortgage broker to obtain pre-approval for financing in order to present the strongest offers possible.

I then work to develop a list of houses and neighborhoods that they would like to look at and coordinate viewings. I especially like to point out houses likely to be great values such as short sales or foreclosures, but also conventional sales that may need updating or has been on market for a longer period of time. I can also access the realtor only transactional history to better identify houses with a higher likelihood of equity to give a transaction negotiating room.

Once a client has identified their target property, I’ll perform an analysis of recent area sales to determine an ideal target offer price. I then handle representing my client in the delicate negotiating and back and forth that can follow.

Once an offer is accepted, I work with the client throughout the closing process, providing connections to appropriate contractors, inspectors, or any other needed service providers. Please contact me today to start your search for your Memphis homes. I’ve installed an advanced Memphis Home Search feature on my site that offers what I feel is the best Memphis home search feature in the area, you can even search for homes with BBQ pits!