Services for Sellers

           I encourage you to list with me, and believe you will be very happy with my representation. I provide sellers with honest and straightforward counsel in selling their homes. First, I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis to arrive at a realistic selling price for the home. I then will advise the homeowner on preparing the Memphis home for showing and prepare appropriate legal disclosures. Once the above is done, I market the home. My standard marketing consists of the following

  1. Listing on the Multiple Listing Service.
  2. High quality photos for use in all marketing avenues.
  3. Creation of color flyers for use on the for sale sign. 
  4. A for sale sign with my contact information.
  5. A virtual tour for use on websites.

With a realistic selling price the above is the most truly effective marketing plan to sell a house. It’s really actually quite simple if you understand how the real estate market works. (You should read my article here.) 

Next, I will act as a third party agent in arranging tours, answering questions, and negotiating with potential buyers and their agents. This actually is one of the most valuable and skill based services of a Memphis Realtor. Important parties have used agents and mediatiors for negotiations for a long time knowing the value of having a dispassionate but caring individuals to temper the need to protect egos and personal emotional investment that can so often torpedo business dealing.

I pride myself on my availability during daylight hours and all clients and other realtors can usually reach me within at most several hours by phone and quicker if by email or text.  

I will be more than glad to hold open houses for appropriate Memphis realty listings. However, statistically less than two percent of houses sell to buyers who first encountered or toured the property through an open house. Open houses can present security and other issues that should be discussed with the listing homeowner. I think it’s important to mention that the primary value of conducting open houses for a realtor is not selling your house, but compiling leads, which is fine as long as it’s disclosed up front.