How to Help Your Children Cope with Your Move

Moving is a very exciting process, but for children it can be downright scary. Small children don’t necessarily understanding the concept of moving to a new house or new town, and they can have a lot of questions and anxiety about it, even if they don’t always express it. When you’re moving to a new home, it’s important to focus on your children as much as possible. It can be easy to get distracted with everything that goes into moving like packing, but making extra effort to help your kids cope with your move is essential. Here are some ways you can help them in the process.


Talk to Them

It might seem obvious and vague, but you need to talk to your children about moving. You should also talk to them about it often so there is an ongoing dialogue about the move. You want them to feel comfortable asking you questions and expressing their feelings. Try to explain the move as best as possible for their age level and keep them informed about what’s going on so they feel that they’re in-the-loop about everything.

Get a Handle on Your Emotions

Your children will pick up on your feelings and emotions, even if you think you’re trying to hide them. If you’re very stressed about the move, they’ll notice and become stressed, too. Do your best to control your emotions in the presence of your children, and try not to talk about your feelings of stress, frustration, or any negativity in front of them.

Show Them Their New Home

If possible, before you move take your kids to their new home and show it to them. Give them a tour of their new town, especially pointing out places of particular interest to them like the local playground, school, or ice cream parlor. If you can’t bring them to the home itself, show them pictures. This will help them feel more familiar with their new surroundings when they actually move to them.

Focus on What’s Familiar

Make sure to bring along your children’s favorite toys, blankets, or other items. They’ll look for comfort in the things that are familiar to them, so don’t surprise them with a new bed or anything all at once. Stick to their routine as much as possible so they don’t feel that things are changing so drastically. Be sure that their favorite toys are with them during the move rather than packed away in boxes where they could be difficult to find.

Treat Them

Help them get over the stress of moving by treating them to something special. It’s important for you to spend extra quality time with them, especially when you’re so busy with the details of moving. Treat them to a day at the zoo, for example, or have a family movie night on the first night in the new home. Giving them something special to enjoy or look forward to will help boost their spirits, especially if they’re very down or scared about moving.

Stacey Hunt is a stay at home mother to 3 boys who has a love for writing. She is an advocate for the use of grammar checkers and often uses them herself to ensure her writing is clear and free of any grammatical mistakes. She is currently attempting a difficult home improvement project with Houston natural stone.

Easter Home Repair Tips

If you’ve got some time off this Easter holiday, and are struggling to think of productive ways to spend it, then why not try a few of the ideas on this Easter home improvement plan?  Spring is here, so why not take advantage of the drier weather, and brief moments of sunshine?

Give Your Garden Some Love

Now that winter is over, spend some time mowing your lawn, raking it, and weeding, in preparation for some warmer weather planting work.

Repair Winter Damage

If your fence, exterior oak doors, or walls are looking a little shabby after the winter, check the weather forecast for your area.  If there’s little chance of rain, then now is a good time to get some painting done.

Indoor Improvements

Wallpapering, painting, and changing your skirting boards aren’t the kind of jobs that people like to do in the summer.  At that time of year, everyone would rather be outside.  So, why not do your interior remodelling while the weather is nice, but not excessively hot.

Use this opportunity to fit some nice oak doors, repaint your skirting, and change your heavy winter curtains for something a little more inviting.  It should only take a day or two to get your home out of winter hibernation mode, and nice and bright, cheerful, and airy for the coming summer.

Build a Shed

Take advantage of the gentle spring weather to put up a shed in your garden.  When (or if, depending on where you live) the summer heat comes, you’ll be glad that you got the work done while it was cooler.  In addition, you’ll have a nice shed to go and sit out in, instead of having to hole yourself away in the house, trying to escape the sweltering heat.

Easter is a popular time for doing DIY, and a lot of people invest a significant chunk of their holiday time into DIY projects, however that doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing.  Many jobs, such as fitting oak doors, changing your bathroom taps, or changing your blinds can be carried out in just a few hours. Significant skirting work or re-carpeting can take a lot longer – and you may want to pack younger household members off on a day trip so that they aren’t underfoot while you’re working.

Safety First

For people who have a full-time job, Easter is one of the few opportunities they will have to do DIY.  This can lead to people rushing jobs in an effort to get them done before the holiday is over.  Whatever you do, please take your time and put safety first.  Cutting corners, working when you’re tired or stressed, or using makeshift tools because you don’t have the right equipment for the job, is not a good idea.

It’s better to choose a smaller project, or to plan carefully and spread a project over a few weekends, than to try to rush to get it done, and risk having it go wrong, or ruining your holiday.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of UK Oak Doors who supply high quality wooden products such as skirting boards and oak doors. Photo by: jo-h